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Off We Go to Mexico

Weather you’re getting ready for a holiday in Mexico, or you are reading to a little explorer, curious about the world, this book gives a lovely representation of this beautiful, sunny, colourful country.
The images are bold a rich in details. The children will want to investigate each page, and look for the matching Spanish word. The rhyming language makes for a very pleasant read.

Written by Laurie Krebs, Illustrated by Christopher Carr

Published by Barefoot Books

Age: 4-7

Set in: Mexico


In this latest addition to the series, readers explore the richness of Mexican culture, visiting el mercado, and dancing to la musica of the mariachis. This book also teaches over 40 simple Spanish words and phrases.

What we liked about this book:

  • The list of Spanish words on each page.
  • The colourful images
  • The Rhyming language
  • The extra info about Mexico given at the end of the book.



Our favourite quote:

‘We hurry to a festival held in the village square. There’s food to eat and friends to meet and laughter everywhere.’



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