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Stories from Around The World: multiple locations

Stories from Around The World: multiple locations

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush




Written by Sophie Fatus and illustrated by Fred Penner

Published by Barefoot Books

Age: 3-5

Set in: Europe, Mali, India and China

Synopsis: Follow four children from different countries, each going through their early morning routine and getting ready for school. See what the pictures tel you about different ways of life in Europe, Mali, India and China. What do you do early in the morning?




The familiar notes of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” will take you and your children on a journey around the world, where children from different cultures will get on with their morning routine, from brushing their teeth to putting on their clothes. It gives a great insight into the lives of children everywhere.




What we liked about this book:

The use of familiar actions to create a dialogue about multiculturalism.

The fact that it teaches children to say ‘Goodbye’ in three different languages.

The colourful and bold pictures.

The info about the song and ideas on how to sing it and dance it.

The fact that the book is printed on ancient-forest friendly paper.



Our favourite quote:

‘This is the way we say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye. This is the way we say goodbye early in the morning. Good-bye, Khanbiafo, namaste, joi gin.’




Here are some ideas of activities based on the story:


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About me: 

I’m a children’s books author based in the U.K. with a great passion for multilingualism and multiculturalism. My first book, “A Fish in Foreign Waters – a Book For Bilingual Children” is sold worldwide and has won bronze at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook!









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